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Congratulations Next Level Training Solutions!

Celebrating10 Years of Serving with Excellence
2011 - 2021

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Helping Organizations

Soar to Their

Next Level

 Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC
 Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC
 Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC

What We Will Do For You

We will provide your organization with Human Capacity Development solutions in the areas of Training, Leadership Development, Employee Engagement, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Talent Management.


Our team of seasoned professionals will collaborate with your organization, to set and achieve solutions, solve problems, and develop tailored strategies for long-term sustainable success.

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Next Level Training Solutions Group


Our leadership programs are designed to propel your organization to the next level of sustainable and growth.  Our goal is to provide leadership tools that will enhance effectiveness, where talented and competent leaders will be able to adequately meet the demanding challenges. We will prepare leaders to adapt and adjust to today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambitious business world. The Lead Facilitator of these programs is Tina E. Gilbert, Founder and Chief People Strategist of Next Level Training Solutions Group LLC, and Author of the groundbreaking international book and journal, ‘Next Level Thinking - 90 Days to Inspire Your Best Life.’


Next Level Training Solutions Group



Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Solutions will provide support for employees to better work with others from different abilities, backgrounds, nationalities, and genders, emphasizes a more inclusive workplace. Our DEI training will increase an awareness of unintentional biases and provide best practices of how to better interact with others who come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. DEI overall goal is to help organization and teams to attain a workplace culture that is inclusive of all people.




Next Level Thinking

90 Days to Inspire Your Best Life


This book and journal inspire a unique and refreshingly next level thinking concepts that offers life changing wisdom, principles, and lessons. The author Tina Gilbert draws upon her personal and professional background to aspire leaders to take a ninety-day exhilarating journey to challenge old thinking, and embrace a new mindset, in the key life areas of finances, career, family and relationships, to attaining one’s life goals and live their best life. The book presents each day as an exciting adventure in which a short story, an affirmation, and a journal writing that will help make major transformational shifts in every area of life. The true intention is to give a pleasurable reading experience that will compel the reader to dream big and start using the concept of Next Level thinking. 

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