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Dear Next Level Leader

In recent months it has felt like the domino effect with one major crisis happening right after another. Our entire world has been impacted by COVID 19, economic implications, and now with the senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and this list could continue.

During these difficult times, I have been deeply saddened and asked myself how I can make a difference. Then the answer was clear, I can use my voice, values, and skills. I am committed to providing development tools to empower leaders for their Next Level of excellence.

Right now, strong leadership is more important than ever to bring clarity, direction, and support to teams. As the President and Founder of Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC, I have 25 plus years of professional experience in the areas of: leadership, organizational development, talent management and diversity and inclusion.

I am launching a weekly blog that will provide best practices for leaders. Let us move forward together and take it to the Next Level of leadership.

Thank you,

Tina E. Gilbert

Consultant | Coach |Speaker | Motivator | Author

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