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Next Level Leader - Communication in Difficult Times

During Difficult Times, Effective Communication is Key for Leaders!

Good communication is always a vital element of a leader's success, especially during times of crisis. Communicating with courage and integrity during difficult situations is important for effective leadership. When our survival is threatened, our focus shifts from the importance of the work we do to basic safety and security. In difficult times, your team members are looking for information that assures them that their families and livelihoods are going to be safe. Based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people desire to achieve the next highest level. While our day- to-day operations within an organization may have us functioning at level three, four or five (love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization), a crisis may return us to level two (safety and security) in less than a moment. This is when we will look to leadership to help us navigate through the difficult times.

Leaders who remain calm and communicate with transparency create a model for the organization. Even when the information shared is unpleasant, a leader who engages the stakeholders and team members in dialogue and problem solving will successfully combat fear spreading as rumors and gossip. A thoughtful leader will select words that accurately reflect the intended message to their stakeholders. A leader whose message further promotes fear and insecurity will foster a culture where teams do not feel safe to share bold ideas. Leader who instill hope will empower their team members to achieve their goals and earn their trust.

Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC would like to partner with you and assist with finding solutions. You can S.O.A.R. in difficult times.

S.O.A.R. is a Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC customized action plan for promoting growth. The acronym stands for using the right Strategy to develop Objective(s) to Achieve your desired Result(s).

Thank you,

Tina E. Gilbert

Consultant | Coach | Speaker | Motivator | Author


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