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How to Start the New Year as a Leader in Your Organization

New Year, New........and Improved! That's how I like my clients to look at things as they enter into the new year. The new year doesn't magically produce a new you, but it can certainly bring about thoughts of how to improve you in new ways.

As leaders, it's important for us to constantly be growing and the new year is always a great opportunity for reflection and goal setting. But how exactly can you effectively do this for your role and your team? Well, there are a few ways.

New Year Resolutions for you and your team

One way to prepare your team for the new year is through new year resolutions for your role and your team. People set personal new year resolutions for themselves every year, but how can you do this for your role in your company or even for your team? Starting with you as a leader, you may want to have your team conduct an evaluation of you and your leadership. Through this evaluation, you can take note of opportunities to be a better leader and even seek out training and education in those specific areas. Who knows, your effort to improve could very well inspire your team to follow your lead with their own roles.

For your team's resolutions, I would encourage you to not just limit it to the bottom line of your company, but to also incorporate some resolutions that will make for better team building like lunch outings, employee recognition, holiday celebrations, etc. Include your team in creating these resolutions too. Together, you all could come up with some things that not only improve the atmosphere in the company, but that also trickle down to business operations and performance as well.

Whether for just you as a leader or for your entire team, leadership training is a resolution to add to the list. Sometimes it's not so much seeking one area to improve in but exposing yourself to up-to-date leadership training. A great opportunity to invest in is our Next Level Leadership course. This 6-week virtual course is designed to develop leadership skills to advance your career, team, and organization.

Changes in the world require changes in thinking.

When was the last time your team explored new ways of doing business? If the pandemic has shown us nothing else, it's shown us that change is inevitable; that the same way of doing things isn't the only way or even the best way. I encourage you to think about what ancient practices your team might be holding on to that could cause more damage than good in the future. Or maybe it's just keeping you from a more effective and cost-efficient way of doing things. Trust me when I tell you that I know change isn't always glamorous or easy, but if it will create a better future, it should be non-negotiable.

Prepare to S.O.A.R

S.O.A.R is a method we use here at Next Level Training Solutions to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. S.O.A.R stands for: Strategic Objectives to Achieve Results

No matter what you do this year, make sure you are SOARing. Every goal that you set forth needs to be in alignment with where you want to go as a company. Ensure that your goals are realistic and achievable, or you could find yourself more stressed out than relieved.

My hope is that as you prepare yourself and your team for 2023, you have confidence in your ability to lead and produce profitable outcomes in your organization. Happy Holidays!

Thank you,

Tina E. Gilbert

Consultant | Coach | Speaker | Motivator | Author


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