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Programs where leaders grow and learn to make a difference! 

"Great leaders create more leaders, not followers.”
 Roy T. Bennett

Business Presentation

Our Signature Initiative:
Virtual Next Level Leadership Program

6-Week Virtual Next Level Leadership Course

Enrollment Now Open!

 September 17, 2024 - October 29, 2024

Our six-week virtual, interactive course with a community of like-minded leaders. In this course, you'll learn from subject matter expert guest speakers who'll give you the blueprint on how to soar in any leadership role! 

Early Bird Registration (Expires August,19 2024): $800


Regular Registration: $850

6-Week Course Curriculum

What You Can Expect:

Module 1 - DISC Assessment: Improve teamwork, communication, and productivity with an assessment of your correlation to Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.
Module 2 - Emotional Intelligence: Learn to recognize, understand, and manage your own emotions while being able to identify, understand, and influence the feelings of others.
Module 3 - Communication Skills: Increase team performance and productivity by reducing ambiguity and increasing effectiveness in communication.
Module 4 - Team Accountability: Avoid the five fundamental dysfunctions that often derail a team and develop your team's individual integrity and work ethic instead.
Module 5 - Building Inclusive Teams: Close the generational gap with your team and build an environment where inclusivity, diversity, and collaboration are the norm.
Module 6 - Drive for Results: Leaders must foster a keen understanding of team members' backgrounds to enhance organizational productivity consistently. Leaders need to build a corporate culture of shared beliefs, values, and norms so that team members can communicate effectively with each other to increase productivity.

leadership assessment tools

We can help leaders understand their strengths and areas of improvement.


customized leadership programs

We can customize leadership programs to meet your organization's development goals.

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professional coaching

We will prepare leaders to adapt and adjust to today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambitious business world.

Leadership Solutions

Our team couldn't agree more with the quote from the famous John C. Maxwell. Leadership isn't just a title. It can make or break an organization. 

Being in a leadership role sounds impressive until your organization hits a plateau, turnover is high, or managing it all becomes too much. 

If you're looking to level up your leadership skills so that your organization can thrive again or for the time, let's get you into a leadership program that works for you.

Our Leadership Offerings:

  • Six-week virtual leadership course

  • Leadership assessment tools

  • Customized leadership programs

  • Professional 1:1 coaching

White Paper
Inclusive Leadership

Unlocking the Power of Diversity Through Inclusion

Did you know that inclusive leadership involves collaborating and communicating with colleagues for effective decision-making and problem-solving in the workplace? In this white paper, read more about

  • how to become an inclusive leader

  • the qualities of an inclusive leader

  • the correlation between inclusion and diversity

  • and more.

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What is Coaching? There are many different definitions describing what “Coaching” is. However, coaching is a professional partnership relationship that assists people in producing extraordinary results in their lives and careers. 

  • During a coaching session, a conversation between the coach and the client is focused on helping the client discover answers for themselves.

  • Most people are more likely to engage with solutions they discover themselves, rather than those forced upon them by someone else! 

  • As professional coaches, we want to partner with our clients to help them SOAR to the Next Level professionally and personally.


Leadership Coaching

Our leadership coaching is designed for supervisors, team leaders, managers or business owners – anyone in charge or responsible for a group of people.

Our individual leadership coaching service is customized to assist each leader to “SOAR to the Next Level” and experience measurable return on investment to increased productivity.


Professional Development Coaching

Our coaching is designed to assist any individual who want to increase their personal effectiveness and take on greater responsibility and grow professionally.

Coaching will help individuals achieve their vision, meet challenges in work situations and create or enhance their professional brand. 

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