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Unlocking greatness: Elevating from 'good' to 'Next Level'!


Next Level Training Solutions Group LLC will be a leading provider of customized, high quality training and development programs in Arkansas by being a trusted partner within our client organizations to strengthen employee retention, engagement, and productivity.

Our Mission

Promoting growth through innovative professional services and solutions for individuals and organizations.

Our Commitment

To find solutions and tools that will take clients from the ordinary platform called 'good' to the extraordinary platform called 'Next Level' of 'greatness.'

Our Values

Champion Inclusivity
Demonstrate Integrity
Prioritize Clients
Next Level Excellence
Positive Community Impact
Have fun!


Earn Referral Rewards!
It's Simple.

We appreciate you!

At Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC, we are excited to introduce our new referral program, designed to reward our loyal clients who refer new business to us. Here’s how the program works:


Refer a new client who signs up for one of our development services.


The new client must mention your name and contact information when they sign up for service.


Once the new client has completed their service, we will send you a referral reward of 20% off of your next service.

Are You Ready to S.O.A.R?

Strategic Objectives to Achieve Results

Every client we work with needs a tailored approach for their specific needs, organization, or team. We use our custom S.O.A.R method to vet all plans, ensuring high productivity and organizational growth. 
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Personal Desk

Meet the Founder

Tina E. Gilbert


Founder | Chief People Strategist | Author

Tina E. Gilbert a seasoned interactive workshop leader and facilitator, leadership coach, and author, is fast emerging as a business advisory in the Human Resource industry. A native of Little Rock, Arkansas, and has over twenty-five years of experience with designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating training solutions.


After graduating from the University of Central Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in Marketing, she continued her education at Webster University, where she received a Master of Arts in Management Leadership.


Tina is a lifelong learner, and her goal is to help others discover and fulfill their highest potential in life. In 2011, Tina finally actualized her dream when Next Level Training Solutions Group LLC, opened to be a world-class business that offers innovative and high-quality training, workshops, and Human Resources services.


She has deployed her mission of consistently delivering high quality services and programs that promotes results. 


Satisfied Clients

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