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Leading in Crises

Crises bring complexity, change, and requires leaders to both lead and manage effectively. During times of crises, leaders can follow a few best practices that will increase their effectiveness.

Instill Hope

Currently, the world is under lots of pressure. Therefore, talking about hope may seem small because it is so challenging to predict what the future holds. As an influential leader, you can instill confidence within your team. Instilling hope will help your team to stay engaged and focused on solutions for the future. Besides, hope brings pride and a sense of togetherness, which is what your team needs during uncertain times. Be Visible Effective leadership is more of a partnership rather than controlling your employees. At present, most employees are worried about the future of their careers. As an effective leader, you need to be visible and provide support to your team. When you are not engaged with your team it can portray that you are unapproachable, thus unable to assist when needed for guidance and direction. Expand your leadership skills by showing your employees that you can be there for them not only during happy times but also periods when all hope seems lost. Something to think about, smooth seas never make a good sailor. Rough times are perfect for you to show-up and be part of the team.

Do the Right Things There is a big difference between doing the right thing and getting things right. That said, consider weighing all your options before making decisions. You must think about how your initiatives will affect the team because a strong leader considers employees as family. While creating strategies, seek help from your team members. You must realize that your team members are watching your actions and following your example. Leading during crises, will require skill to help your team move toward a positive future. The details, as discussed above, will give you a few best practices and insight on how to become a stronger leader in times of distress and uncertainty.

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Tina Gilbert

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