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Three Leadership Lessons Learned Through Travel

Guest Writer Tamaya Walker McClendon, Founder of Sisters and Suitcases

There are lessons to learn from almost any experience in life, and this includes travel. Prepare to make your next trip your global leadership teacher. Travel is more than a way to escape the daily grind and our mundane routines.

Throughout my globetrotting I’ve gained wisdom that has had a profound influence on my leadership and my company’s operations. In fact, it was a trip I took to Italy in 2012 that inspired me to create Sisters and Suitcases, a travel company for women of color that curates small group trips with a focus on supporting women, local life, and culture; while incorporating food, shopping, art, and history.

Traveling the globe has gifted me with lessons in my quest to be my greater version of myself and global citizen. Here’s how:

Good Leadership Creates Community

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from travel is that leadership is about creating community. My company’s success is not my success. We are successful because we respect the culture and communities in which our team is a part of in each country. It’s the same when you travel, you treat the communities you enter with respect. When you respect your employees, you care more about their personal development and happiness because you know your company is only as good as your employees.


New Place! New Rules! New Culture! When you step off the beaten path and allow your authentic self to be truly immersed in the experience and take each day as it comes, you will become social with those you meet and oftentimes this will not be a language that you both speak; but you adapt and enjoy the ride. Though while on this ride you discover yourself and have a greater sense of self-confidence. You will learn critical leadership skills by adapting to change. The only constant in the world is change.

Risk Taking

Travel gives you a greater tolerance to risk and pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone. I have learned that I can go well beyond the limits that are often looked at as being curious. Travel risk taking can be very beneficial for women entrepreneurs and change-makers. As an entrepreneur, I like to be a little uncomfortable. With discomfort comes innovation.

These lessons, among others, have altered my perspective on leadership and my ability to be a leader in ways that you cannot learn from a class or a book. Perhaps the best part about traveling is that everyone will pick up different skills along the way. I hope these lessons are insightful no matter what industry you are in, but I also hope you have the opportunity to travel and evolve yourself as a leader through your own experiences.

Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC is ready to partner with your organization and assist in finding solutions that will promote growth during these changing times.

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