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Leading Change

2020 has been a year of constant change! The entire world has changed and the need to find alternative ways to secure our new normal has been vitally important. Truthfully, some businesses have not been able to survive and produce results using the same old strategies they once did. Therefore, leaders are taking new measures to keep their organization’s performance moving forward.

Change is difficult and involves emotions among your teams. Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC will partner with you and assist in finding solutions. You can S.O.A.R. in difficult and changing times.

S.O.A.R. is our customized action plan for promoting growth. The acronym stands for using the right Strategy to develop Objective(s) to Achieve your desired Result(s).

1. Get Support from Top Management This is the major or number one step that will help you win, it is imperative to have the support of top leaders. Most leaders fail to recognize other senior leaders when implementing change, which is a huge mistake. If all leaders are not on the same page, change cannot happen smoothly. Seeking advice and listening to the opinion of top leaders is wise before engaging the team. Demonstrating good faith and showing no hidden intentions will help to win top leaders. With their support, you can smoothly introduce change. 2. Provide Positive Records Once you have the team on board, execute the plan and wait for positive results. When implemented correctly, you should have positive results within the first few months. Keeping a track record and showing the team results will keep them motivated, build excitement, and give the new change momentum.

3. Normalize the Change Your team can slowly return to old ways without even knowing. Thus, it is vital that you embed the change as effectively as you did old polices—constant reminder of the vision and showing the positive results will encourage the team.

Successful change is one of the most common problems that most organizations face. 2020 has been a year that change has had to happen rapidly. Having strong strategic imperatives for change is a necessary ingredient for successful organizations. Leaders will sometimes focus on "what" the change is and forget to communicate to the team "why" it is important that the change takes place. So as a leader, remember the important 3 C's for effective change management: Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate.

Thank you,

Tina Gilbert

Consultant I Coach I Speaker I Motivator I Author

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