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Become a Better Leader in Good and Bad Times

Leading is done on the outside, but starts on the inside. The art of leadership starts by developing personal skills and characteristics that allow you to be bold, strong, and persistent in all the right moments. During the worst times, you need to remain confident and well assured of a positive future. There are important actions and responsibilities that you must consider when working in a position of leadership and trust.

Handle Criticism

Most leaders are constantly under attack from their critics. You must learn how to handle critical comments that don't agree with every action you take. You can handle criticism in only one of two ways: negatively or positively.

Good leaders react positively to negative criticism. They acknowledge what they did was wrong and have the desire to fix their mistakes. Bad leaders fight criticism negatively by being untruthful and deceptive or blaming someone else. As a leader, you will constantly face criticism and must be prepared to react in a positive or negative manner. Leadership is a choice and remember in difficult situations you can always take the high road. I would like to quote first lady Michelle Obama “When they go low, we go high.”

Carry Out Your Plan

Leaders must believe in the words that they teach and put their beliefs to good practice. Incompetent leaders want their followers to do most of the hard work for them. They believe that they are only responsible for putting together an action plan and outlining the steps to take. It's also important that they help to carry out that plan and follow up on results. An example is a leader who plans to merge a company and hire a brand-new management team. This leader should follow through with the plan until the very end, making sure that every manager is qualified, and the new merger is successful.

Recover from Defeat

A leader is a winner but winning is not always a guarantee. There will be a few failing moments that set you back from your goal. Being a good leader requires a lot of endurance that correlates to running a marathon race. It's about accepting defeat and learning how to overcome the personal faults that you can control.

Listen to People

Listen to different types of concerns from your team. Show compassion and listen to complaints. A leader refrains from "just making a speech" and instead listens twice as much with an intentionally crafted response.

Good leaders have certain qualities that most other people lack. They have a strong drive and motivation to succeed but will be concerned about people first. They know how to accept criticism and dispel negative energy. Learn how you can improve your leadership skills and become a better role model in good or bad times.

Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC will partner with you and assist in finding solutions. You can S.O.A.R. in difficult and changing times.

S.O.A.R. is our customized action plan for promoting growth. The acronym stands for using the right Strategy to develop Objective(s) to Achieve your desired Result(s).

Thank you,

Tina Gilbert

Consultant I Coach I Speaker I Motivator I Author

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