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Leadership Imperative: Investing in Training and Development Programs

Our current working environment has been full of daily changes in these uncertain and unprecedented times. So much difference has forced many leaders to forget the crucial elements of investing in training and development programs. The pressure to complete daily tasks and multiple pressing issues have put performance improvement plans at the bottom of most leaders' priorities. If you are leading a team, this can become problematic very fast.

One important fact is that investing in your team's growth and development will take time! There’s no one-and-done method to manifest the remarkable benefits of growth. Allow me to share a short analogy to help illustrate the importance of intentionally and continuously investing in your team.

In the Fall of 2019, I moved into a new house, everything was beautiful, I felt very blessed and excited, but when spring came around, the grass in the yard was in terrible shape. The question I asked myself was: What is the solution? I decided to hire a service to nurture the yard to health. The treatment I had researched had several steps to take, including watering, feeding the grass some fertilizer, and even planting new grass in certain sections. Guess what? The grass that grew the following year was still not in the best shape, but improvements were made. However, the year after that, I could see much more progress, my grass was looking good, and I personal thought it could have won the best yard in the neighborhood contest. I learned a precious lesson from this, which easily translates to the importance of investing in developing solutions. Training and Development is a process that will bring long-term organizational success, and it will take time, but it will be worth the investment.

There are several benefits of implementing training and development programs. The simple fact is organizations can no longer afford to cut the employee training and development program from the budget. Here are a few reasons why leaders should invest in training and development programs:

Helps to ATTRACT and KEEP Great Employees:

Investing in your employee’s growth will show that you are a responsible organization and leadership knows how to succeed. Your team can trust that not only do you have a vision and direction, but you also understand that each employee plays an essential part in reaching the goals set for the organization. Employees will trust that they will receive guidance and encouragement on an individual level to thrive as a collective.

Having a solid employee development program will help employees stay with an organization and decrease the high cost of recruitment. Employees will feel valued when they can improve their skills.

Encourages Loyalty - new employees will feel compelled to stick with an organization that cares about them and shows that they want them to be part of a productive team by investing in their growth and development.

Creates Promotable Employees:

Establishing a pool of capable employees will have employees who could successfully take on the new role, which releases pressure if a position becomes available unexpectedly or the business expands quicker. This is a win-win for the organization when employees are ready for promotion creating a seamless transition to improve productivity.

Increased Employees Engagement at Work:

Studies have shown that 74% of workers are willing to learn new skills or re-train to remain employable. 87% of workers believe learning and development in the workplace are essential, and they claim that development opportunities are extremely important when deciding whether to apply for a position. Whereas only 29% of employees are "delighted" with their current career advancement opportunities available within their organization. According to Loram Training solutions 2021.

When you decide that you’re ready to start your development journey, we will be your trusted partner to assist in finding the proper development solutions for your organization. We strongly believe that you can S.O.A.R. in difficult and changing times. S.O.A.R. is our customized action plan for promoting growth. An acronym that stands for using the right Strategy to develop Objective(s)to Achieve your desired Result(s).

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