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Lead Strong During Difficult Times​ ​

Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC

Right now, being a leader in any organization has never been harder. Leaders are dealing with so many emotional, complicated, and sensitive issues that are happening simultaneously. Leaders may be asking the question how to lead and keep their teams engaged during so much uncertainty. Look at several strategies a leader can use to rise above and S.O.A.R.

S.O.A.R. is Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC's customized action plan for promoting growth. The acronym stands for using the right Strategy to develop Objective(s) to Achieve your desired Result(s).

Lead by Example During times of difficulties your team is looking to you for answers, reassurance, and direction. One of the most desirable traits that a great leader can display during ambiguity is to lead by example and set the standard. The idea here is to be the type of leader that you would want to follow. Ideally, a remarkable leader should always strive to improve the outcome of every situation and work hard to keep the work environment calm.

Earn and Acknowledge Respect Respect should always be visible from the leader. The idea here is to earn your way into the mind and heart of the whole team by conducting yourself in the most ethical manner possible. Be reasonable in your communication and approach each situation with the same level of consideration. You can exhibit respect through genuine acknowledgment and concern for all team members. Integrity Integrity is an essential trait in a good leader. Your team members are not willing to follow someone blindly unless trust has been established first. A good leader should always be motivated by others to push themselves to achieve and go the extra mile. For instance, during this COVID-19 pandemic, a good leader should lead the crowd by following rules that have been implemented such as staying home and washing hands regularly. Additionally, your reputation as a leader is determined by the way you carry yourself and how you treat team members. Also, "integrity is simply doing the right thing when no one is watching - C.S. Lewis."

Yes, it is truly clear that being a leader is an exceedingly difficult task. Leaders are now having to navigate in uncharted waters and unsure of what to do next. However, the best practice is to be the leader you would want to follow.

Next Level Training Solutions Group, LLC would like to partner with you to assist with finding solutions and achieving your desired results.

Thank you,

Tina E. Gilbert

Consultant | Coach |Speaker | Motivator | Author


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